This past weekend saw 6 people killed and 11 injured in Chicago, where I write, most casualties of the perpetual warfare waged on the streets of the City That Works.

This spreadsheet lists all the Chicago homicides of 2012. Scan the ages of victims and come to your own conclusion.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, bless his heart, has said he will spend $1 million on “programs that aim to steer Chicago children away from street violence”:

The initiative, dubbed Youth Working for Success, aims to give a total of $1 million in grants to after-school programs, youth-employment efforts and mentoring services that apply early next year for the money, according to the plan the mayor’s office outlined.

“This is what it takes to make sure a community is safe and secure for our children and our families,” he said.

Which is, unfortunately, baloney, as many of the homicides are in fact random, with victims sometimes sitting in their houses, or playing in their backyards, or walking to the store. Unless he meant that $1 million will somehow deplete the ranks of gangs responsible for a fair portion of the violence. That won’t work either. Well, “something” has to be done, which is true, so spending money must be the solution, which is not.

The $1 million will come from more than $10 million “in private and federal money left over from a fund designed to cover the costs the city incurred while hosting the NATO summit in May.” The leftover money, apparently, is simply there for the Mayor to spend. Which is how things work in Chicago.