The Most Persecuted Religion
Abraham Cooper, John Huffman, and Yitzchock Adlerstein, Wall Street Journal

Christians are targeted—by independent groups or governments—in some 131 countries world-wide.

Catholic Schools: Indispensable Instruments of the New Evangelization
Rev. Allen H. Vigneron, Tertium Quid

As I have said, schools are integral to the Church not only because of who our Lord is but also because of who we are.

Why ‘Mere Christianity’ Should Have Bombed
John G. Stackhouse Jr., Christianity Today

Knowing why it didn’t can help us strengthen our witness today.

The Theology of Les Miserables
Timothy Dalrymple, Philosophical Fragments

I cannot think of any work of fiction that conveys the contrast between Law and Grace as vividly and profoundly as Les Miserables.