12 killed in attacks on two churches in Nigeria

At least 12 people died in northern Nigeria when attackers raided two churches during Christmas Eve services, police said.

It’s a Wonderful Country: Pottersville or Bedford Falls?
Carson Holloway, Public Discourse

In the classic Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the humane society of Bedford Falls is built on conservative principles, not contemporary liberal ones.

Has Fiction Lost Its Faith?
Paul Elie, New York Times

This, in short, is how Christian belief figures into literary fiction in our place and time: as something between a dead language and a hangove

Gushing over the royal fetus: words matter
Eric Metaxas, LifeSiteNews

The battle over human dignity is waged not just at the local abortion clinic or crisis pregnancy center, nor merely in the halls of Congress or the Supreme Court. It is also carried out in our choice of words.