Another Ordinary Year in America
Anthony Esolen, Orthodixie

The student congress at Harvard, America’s most prestigious “institution of higher learning,” as the euphemism goes, has voted to provide funds to a campus group promoting sadomasochistic sex.

Christmas as Heavenly Economy
Peter J. Leithart, First Things

Since the early centuries of the Church, Christians have thought of giving and receiving gifts as a fitting way to celebrate the Incarnation. The logic is simple: God so loved the world that he gave; so should we.

So, What Is Marriage?
Ryan T. Anderson, Richochet

Today, I want to home in on the question of what marriage is. This is the question that most proponents of redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships keenly want to avoid, to shuffle offstage as soon as it’s brought up.

Why Don’t Men Come To Church?
Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

It’s not a new problem, but the Vancouver Sun discovers that the men are getting mighty scarce on Sunday morning.