Student expelled over beliefs wins settlement
Baptist Press

Eastern Michigan University has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by a graduate counseling student whom it expelled after she declined to affirm the “sexual orientation” of a homosexual client because of her Christian beliefs.

A traditionalist avant-garde
The Economist

It’s trendy to be a traditionalist in the Catholic church

Britain will miss Christianity when it’s gone
Tim Stanley, The Telegraph

Does it really matter that Britain is losing its religion? From a historical point of view, the census results that show a sharp decline in Christian belief are just the latest chapter in a long narrative of ceaseless change.

A Win for Religious Freedom in Illinois
Dominique Ludvigson, The Foundry

On Tuesday, the state of Illinois declined to appeal a recent loss in the Illinois Court of Appeals, which ruled in late September that the state cannot force pharmacists and pharmacies to stock and dispense abortion-inducing drugs in violation of their religious beliefs.