Moral Neutrality, Marriage, and the Supreme Court
Adam J. MacLeod, Public Discourse

A recent ruling in the United States District Court in Hawaii reveals a rational basis for the Supreme Court to rule on a morally neutral basis that marriage can be enshrined in law.

The Oh-So-Thoughtful-Church is Still Steamed about the Translation
Austin Ruse, Crisis

If you read the dissident or otherwise discontented Catholic blogs and websites you will know those folks are steamed about practically everythi

The Folly of Scientism
Austin L. Hughes, The New Atlantis

The temptation to overreach . . . seems increasingly indulged today in discussions about science. Both in the work of professional philosophers and in popular writings by natural scientists, it is frequently claimed that natural science does or soon will constitute the entire domain of truth.

Seven in 10 Americans Are Very or Moderately Religious
Frank Newport, Gallup

But Protestant population is shrinking as “unbranded” religion grows