People Can Be Religious in Business
Matt Bowman, Bench Memos

A court decision on Wednesday spells more trouble for Obamacare’s abortion-pill mandate.

Poll: Most Americans say employers should cover contraception
Daniel Burke, Religion News Service

Most Americans say that employers — even religious ones — should provide birth control coverage to their employees, according to a survey released on Monday (Dec. 3).

Children of Same-Sex Unions: New Research on Family Stability and Structure
Christine Kim, The Foundry

Primary schoolchildren in married heterosexual households are 35 percent more likely to make typical school progress than peers in same-sex households, according to a new study published in the respected academic journal Demography.

On the passing of Patriarch Ignatius IV
Josephus Flavius, Byzantine, TX

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim passed away Wednesday morning at a Beirut hospital after suffering a stroke a day earlier. He was 91.