Pope’s Twitter Handle: What Does “Pontifex” Mean, Anyway?
Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register

Recently it was announced that Pope Benedict’s new Twitter handle is @pontifex. Why did he pick this name, and what does it mean, anyway?

Planned Parenthood and the Government v. Religious Liberty and Women’s Wellbeing
Helen Alvare, Public Discourse

An unprecedented campaign against religious liberty, characterized by a formidable alliance between the White House and Planned Parenthood, bolstered by money, power, and market branding, is threatening women’s well-being.

Why In The World Would An Episcopalian Become Orthodox?
Fr. Patrick McCauley, Antiochan.org

Oldfashioned, high-church Episcopalians have long held a close affinity with Eastern Orthodoxy.

Did the Hebrews Worship an Imperfect God?
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Does the Old Testament teach that God is imperfect?