Over three decades ago, a young, unmarried, and scared woman, pregnant and abortion-determined, walked into her OB-GYN’s office in Atlanta and requested of the doctor that he help her terminate her pregnancy.  Being a Christian committed to the sanctity of life, he shared with her why he would not assist her with an abortion; but, instead, offered her the gospel message and made the case for why she should choose life for her child.  The young mother-to-be was persuaded, and eventually elected to put the child up for adoption.  She wanted her daughter to be adopted into a Christian household, she told the doctor.  Eighteen years later, I met the young lady whose life was spared as a result of the Christian OB-GYN taking a risk and sharing Christ’s love and hope with an abortion-determined woman who had none.  Five years after that, I married her.  Because of a doctor’s courage and God’s hand of providence, I have a family to cherish and protect.  They are the joy of my life.  Because of a young mother’s willingness to trust the doctor, the adoption agency, and the Christian young couple who adopted this baby girl (and are now my in-laws), I am blessed with a God-fearing wife who is a Proverbs 31 woman.  Because this young mother chose life, I have three fantastic kids who are already making a difference for the Kingdom.  Because the community of faith valued life over convenience and efficiency, a great woman of faith is alive today who regularly mentors and disciples young college co-eds.  For me, the right to life isn’t just a social issue–it’s deeply personal.

Following the presidential election, I am more convicted than ever that we must fight for the rights of the unborn with vigilance.  Many pro-lifers have become discouraged and are despairing of our prospects of winning this war.  Some doubt that we can really do much to make significant strides forward.  But I believe that with prayer, commitment and hard work, it is winnable.  There are groups working intentionally to win this war in creative ways, such as the Dallas-based group Online for Life (onlineforlife.org), whose advisory board I was privileged to join recently.  Through the latest and best internet technology and sound business principles, this organization finds abortion-determined women and men who are searching for abortion clinics online.  They work with local pregnancy resource centers to provide hope where there is none in the same way that the doctor did for a young, lonely, and afraid pregnant woman over thirty years ago.  With God’s help, we can win…we will win.