Perhaps Richard Dawkins should don some Angry Birds eyebrows for his next video? He is pissed at religion, at faith not because it is ALWAYS used for bad purposes but because it CAN BE and has been. It is a toxin for children. Whereas REASON would never ever do the things religion is accused of doing. Can REASON be misused? Let’s contrast the irreligion of Stalin, Hitler with Pius XII or Billy Graham. Graham, who has reached more people for the name of Christ than anyone else, is responsible for so much violence? This clever little video with the soothing peaceful piano background essentially equates Al-Qaeda with Quakers, suicide-bombers with saintly ascetics, and Westboro Baptist nut-cases with true religion. If there is no God, Richard, what right do you have to be angry? There is no right or wrong, period. I love this guy. He is so transparently purposeful, determined, and intelligent. I have to believe it really comes from somewhere, not just a chemical process, even if he is wrong–and angry.