The High Price of Establishment
Wesley J. Smith, First Things

As an American, it was a bemusing experience. I had never seen an entire nation react so viscerally to the action—or in this case, inaction—of a church.

Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity at the UN
Austin Ruse, Public Discourse

One of the great achievements of the 20th century is the development of the universal human rights regime. But that regime teeters under the weight of new ideologies, and as it teeters it endangers not just gays and lesbians but everyone.

Charitable Deduction Cap Would Be ‘Devastating’
Tom Strode, Baptist Press

A proposal to limit charitable deductions would be devastating for churches, religious organizations and other nonprofits if adopted by the federal government, says a Southern Baptist church-state expert.

Stanford Bioethicist Looks at the Future of Human Dignity
Rick Plasterer, Juicy Ecumenism

Rapidly advancing biotechnology threatens to impair or even eliminate human dignity, reducing human beings to the level of natural phenomena, to be manipulated and used for other purposes.