On Cultivating the Catholic Mind
Brian Jones, Crisis

Catholic culture has unjustly inherited from her institutions of higher learning a dismantling of the integral relationship between faith, science, reason, and the necessity of cultivating a genuine intellectual life, what Fr. Schall has rightly labeled “the Catholic mind.”

Why Strict Atheism Is Unscientific
Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience

Do you believe in God? If a cadre of outspoken, strong atheists wrote a litmus test for scientists, that might very well be question #1

Early Church Fathers on Sola Sciptura
C. Michael Patton, Parchment & Pen

Sometimes people get the idea that sola Scriptura (the belief that the Scripture is the ultimate authority for the Christian), was a 16th-century invention.

John Calvin, Missionary and Church Planter
John Starke, The Gospel Coalition

Church planting and missions isn’t a byproduct of the young Reformed resurgence.