Church of England general synod rejects women bishops

The House of Bishops is expected to meet on Wednesday to discuss “how we go forward as a Church”.

Judge: Hobby Lobby Must Offer Morning-After Pill
Tim Talley, Associated Press

A federal judge Monday rejected Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.’s request to block part of the federal health care overhaul that requires the arts and craft supply company to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after and week-after birth control pills.

Medicine’s Dance with Death
Farr Curlin, Public Discourse

A physician-philosopher argues that modern medicine is oriented toward the dead body because it is no longer informed by an ultimate purpose for human existence.

Why Darwinist Materialism is Wrong
Alvin Plantinga, New Republic

According to a semi-established consensus among the intellectual elite in the West, there is no such person as God or any other supernatural being.