Dorothy Day, once a bohemian who believed in free love, is completely a saint for our time
Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

What sets her apart from other holy men and women is that her early lifestyle was so at odds with her life after conversion

Protestantism’s Eastern Blind Spot

Many Protestant Evangelicals tend to have a “blind spot” when it comes to Church history, especially with regards to the Eastern Church. For many Evangelicals, Church history jumps from the book of Acts to Martin Luther in 1517 AD.

The Temptation of Secular Conservatism
William Doino Jr., First Things

If there is one silver lining to President Obama’s re-election—an event that fills many with apprehension—it is that it’s provided a clarifying moment for American conservatism.

Some thoughts on the five stages of religious persecution
Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

It is rare that a respected segment of American life would become vilified and hated overnight.