The Place of Reading in the Christian Life
Metropolitan Longin of Saratov and Volsk,

Vladyka, have there been cases in your own life, or in the lives of people close to you, in which a book has radically changed your life?

Catholic bishops fail to agree on statement on the economy

A divided Catholic hierarchy on Tuesday (Nov. 13) failed to agree on a statement about the economy after a debate that revealed sharp differences over the kind of social justice issues that were once a hallmark of the bishops’ public profile.

Do Pro-Life Policies Even Matter?
Kevin DeYoung, The Gospel Coalition

One of the persistent myths in the abortion debate is that the pro-life movement doesn’t actually do much to help save lives.

Potentiality Rightly Understood
Matthew Lu, Public Discourse

From the beginning of its existence a human being is always already a person because personhood belongs to it essentially as an instance of that natural kind.