Toleration and Reciprocity
Anthony Esolen, The Imaginative Conservative

I should like to distinguish tolerance from an even more modest virtue, one without a name; it is part civility, part equanimity, part humility. It is sometimes called “pluralism,” but that isn’t quite right.

Young Evangelicals, Common Ground, and the New Social Witness
Jessica Prol, Humane Pursuits

Are millennials the reliable “moral majority” of their parents’ generation? Or have they called a truce on the culture wars?

Papal Encyclical on Faith Announced
Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register

Pope Benedict XVI’s fourth encyclical will be released in the first half of 2013, timed to coincide with the Year of Faith.

The Golfer, the Leaf, and a Crisis of Conscience
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coaltion

A minor incident has a major impact on a young pro athlete who decides to follow his conscience.