Aquinas: How He Might Help Evangelicals
Gerald R. McDermott, The Gospel Coalition

Luther said that all of Christian doctrine stands and falls on the doctrine of justification. So did Thomas Aquinas stand or fall?

Bishop of Durham Justin Welby to be Archbishop of Canterbury

Sources have confirmed that the Eton-educated bishop will be announced as successor to Dr Rowan Williams as early as Friday, after the Crown Nominations Commission put his name forward to Downing Street.

Benedict XVI and the Pathologies of Religion
Samuel Gregg, Crisis

It passed almost unnoticed, but last month Benedict XVI significantly upped the ante in an argument he’s made one of his pontificate’s centerpieces.

Mormonism’s cultural rise likely to continue
Aaron Earls, Baptist Press

Although Mitt Romney lost his presidential bid, Christians should be prepared for higher Mormon visibility and credibility in America.