Christians, Let’s Honor the President
Russell D. Moore

We are going to disagree with the President on some (important) things; there will be other areas where we can work with the President. But whether in agreement or disagreement, we can honor. Honor doesn’t mean blanket endorsement.

3 Things the Church Can Learn from Election 2012
Trevin Wax, Kingdom People

There are a number of lessons that evangelicals can learn from failed strategies in the political arena.

Barack Obama, the Victorious Culture Warrior
Matthew Schmitz, First Things

Barack Obama ran and won a vigorous social issues campaign. He is now the first man elected president to have endorsed same-sex unions or have made contraception a major campaign theme.

Life Under Compulsion: The Billows Teaching Machine
Anthony Esolen, Front Porch Republic

Perhaps the people who run our schools should check out a copy of Modern Times, and consider the nifty Billows Feeding Machine, to which Charlie is strapped for automatic lunch, with mechanical arms to give him his soup and wipe his mouth.