Difficult Days Ahead for the Church?
Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

[W]hile it is not the instinct to the Church to be drawn into one side of the political debate, moral issues are increasingly demanding from us an unambiguous stance, one which draws us into increasing conflict with the Democratic Party on issues which we consider non-negotiable.

Aftermath: Lessons from the 2012 Election
Albert Mohler

Several lessons emerge in the immediate aftermath of the election and Christians should consider them carefully.

Saving Natural Law from Itself
R.J. Snell, Public Discourse

Naïve proponents and skeptics of the natural law often point to the world “out there” as the source of objective truth (or lack thereof), but the truths of the natural law are to be found through the actions of our intellect.

Why Assisted Suicide Lost in Massachusetts
Wesley J. Smith, First Thoughts

Massachusetts voters have held the culture of death at bay for at least a little while longer in the USA, depriving backers of assisted suicide with an Eastern Front from which to spread the poison.