What Will Become of the Middle East’s Christians?
Andrew Doran, First Things

Across the Middle East, affiliated Islamist movements have undertaken the systematic eradication of religious minorities, especially Christians. From Mali to Egypt, and from Syria and Iraq to Pakistan, millions of Christians find themselves threatened daily with humiliation, extortion, displacement, and murder.

Why Your Friends Are ‘Pro-Choice’ (And What to Do About It)
Scott Klusendorf, The Gospel Coalition

If abortion doesn’t unjustly kill an innocent human being, why oppose it at all?

Only a free market in religion will save Anglicanism
Ed West, The Telegraph

The problem with the Church of England is not just that it’s a broad church, encompassing some very, very liberal Christians and some very, very conservative ones, or that it’s led by people so open-minded that their brains have fallen out.

Reforming the Church
Gene Veith, Cranach

Some people have been criticizing Lutherans and others who celebrate this day. Why should we celebrate the shattering of the universal church?