I am always behind the times, it seems. I’ve just discovered the latest new generational indulgence, dad-chelor parties for guys who are about to become fathers. According the local Sun-Times Red Eye, these are also called “daddymoons, diaper kegs, and man showers.” There is something just a bit out of whack here, it seems to me, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. In olden days, married men passed out cigars to guys after the birth of his child. I am sure that the element of a change in lifestyle choice plays into this, as today having a child for most people is more of choice than an expected and natural outcome of married love. You may choose to have a child, married or unmarried as well. You may become a father without being a husband. Or worse, a donor without being a dad, let alone a husband. That said, the whole ‘baby business’ has gone to a place that I just can’t identify with. So, I am glad my wife and I are grandparents. The dad-chelor party, by the way, just seems to me another excuse to go out drinking. In some cases, however, according to Red Eye, it involves something like a trip to Vegas with the guys for a weekend. I don’t remember any of my parents, grandparents, or me for that matter ever having such disposable incomes. What will the child of a Dad-chelor Vegas man be raised to expect from life?