One of the angles of reaction coming from the election earlier this week is that the Roman Catholic hierarchy, specifically the Bishops’ conference in the US, is increasingly marginalized and ignored by the laity with respect to political matters. Thus, as one observer puts it, “the results do indicate the political impotency of a Catholic hierarchy that has become very strongly identified with politics.”

Meanwhile, it seems evangelicals went for the GOP at a brisk 4:1 clip.

But, as Abp. Chaput pointed out on Election Day in a review of Brad Gregory’s work, The Unintended Reformation, it’s all the fault of the Reformation: Yes, not just for climate change, but perhaps for Catholics ignoring their bishops as well.

My review of Gregory’s book is available here. One of the takeaways, I think, both from Gregory’s book and from Tuesday’s election, in history as well as in politics, is that the blame game is pretty unproductive.