Rape, Conception, and God: Why Mourdock Was Right
Christopher O. Tollefsen, Public Discourse

Richard Mourdock’s comment didn’t imply that God wills rape; instead, it reminds us that God wills a great good in the coming-to-be of any human life, regardless of the evil circumstances surrounding its conception.

‘The Weightier Provisions of the Law’
Rob Schwarzwalder, The Gospel Coalition

Finding a course where principle can wed with effective if incomplete action is the holy grail of evangelical political engagement.

The Black Catholic Dilemma: How Would Jesus Vote?
Angela P. Dodson, New American Media

Black Catholics confront a moral dilemma in the upcoming presidential election: vote with their church or vote with the party that they have long preferred to keep the first African-American president in office four more years.

Nurses Set to Oppose Assisted Suicide
Wesley J. Smith, Human Exceptionalism

The American Nursing Association has a draft opinion out reiterating its opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide.