Life Under Compulsion: From Schoolhouse to School Bus
Anthony Esolen, Front Porch Republic

Why do people invariably enjoy visiting old one-room schoolhouses? They are human places, on a human scale, for the education of little human beings.

Archbishop of Canterbury Pushes for Universal Anglican Acceptance of Women Bishops
National Catholic Register

Archbishop Rowan Williams, leaving office in December, wants the measure passed at next month’s General Synod.

On Eastern Christians Loving Western Saints (and vice versa)
J. Andrew, Prayer of Saint Ephrem

Despite having differences that are tangible and visible at times, Eastern Catholics hold out that the core of our faith is immutably one, shared and lived out uniquely between different particular Churches.

Pro-life vs. social justice: a false dichotomy
Patrick Craine, LifeSiteNews

The false division baffles me all the more because at the time that I was diving head-long into the pro-life cause at the age of 17, I was also falling in love with the witness of St. Francis of Assisi and the Church’s truly radical teachings on Gospel poverty.