Militant for Justice, Not for ‘Culture War’
Greg Forster, The Gospel Coalition

This conflict is going to determine the future direction of evangelical political engagement. My problem is that I’m on both sides.

The Enduring Institution: The Law of Marriage in the West
Helen Alvare, Liberty Law Blog

Professor Witte’s volume is also an excellent indication that the “list” of the leading goals and purposes of marriage, as identified by scholars, theologians and legislators, has not changed a great deal over the course of 2000 years.

The Conscience of a Catholic
Anne Hendershott and Christopher White, The Catholic Thing

Does conscience trump creed? It’s clear that some Catholic politicians, mostly of the Left, think so. How else can they call themselves Catholic even as they actively campaign to promote abortion and same-sex “marriage”?

Why are Catholics Praising the Nobel Prize Stem Cell Technology?
Stacy Trasancos, The American Catholic

It’s been all over the news lately, particularly in the Catholic and conservative spheres, how Dr. Shinya Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize in medicine for reprogramming adult cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).