How Church Discipline Can Be Like Doctor Shopping
Russell D. Moore, Moore to the Point

Law enforcement officials use the term “doctor shopping” to refer to the way those addicted to prescription pain medications seek to avert accountability.

Chick-fil-A president: ‘We support Biblical families’
Matt Pearl, WXIA11

In one of his first interviews since the controversy that surrounded his chain of restaurants, Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy did not say much — but did mention his support for “Biblical families.”

Bible publisher Tyndale files suit against abortion mandate
Michael Foust, Baptist Press

Bible and Christian book publisher Tyndale House has filed suit against the Obama administration’s abortion/contraceptive mandate, asserting it is an unconstitutional violation of religious liberty to force the publisher to pay for drugs that violate its faith tenets.

What to Do When Christianity Is Denigrated
David Roach, BibleMesh

Christians rightly condemn the violence. Yet our response should go a step further by answering an important question raised by these events: how should followers of Jesus react when our faith is denigrated?