You Can’t Make .72 Of This Stuff Up
Patrick Henry Reardon, Preacher’s Institute

On other occasions I have commented on the patience of Saint Irenaeus, who set himself to refute the complex and highly arcane speculations of the Gnostics.

Christians held hostage in Syria
OCP Media Network

In addition to the 150 civilians who were detained earlier, another 130 Christians have been kidnapped in the village of Rableh, in western Syria on the border with Lebanon, by armed gangs in the area, creating a group of 280 hostages.

Getting God’s Name Right
Jason B. Hood, The Gospel Coalition

Have you ever wondered how the title “LORD” came to represent the personal name of God, YHWH? Does the question seem strange to you?

Sin and Grace in the City
David Kim, Comment

There is common grace and antithesis in New York City, and it is critical for the church in fulfilling the great commission to prepare her people to engage this fearfully and wonderfully made city.