California now has a law forbidding therapy to those under 18 seeking change in sexual orientation–well, not exactly–at least based on what I’ve read. It’s against therapy trying to change gay kids into straight.

But what about turning straight kids into gay? If a 13-year-old boy who has a friend or two who are gay and want him to experiment, and he does, and gets confused about the direction his newly-aroused sexual appetite is going (is it still straight, or gay, or is it bi?)–can he get counseling? Can the counselor help him work through any misgivings to gay sex? Only as long as it is gay? But say a young man is raised by two gays, and as a teenager, thinking perhaps he is not like his “parents,” can he talk to a counselor to help him find out if he can be straight? And–since these things are so fluid–the orientation spectrum–who’s to say which orientation a person has according to the law?Should California issue gay orientation identification cards so no one inadvertently breaks the law?

Now, for the sharia: This reminds me of Islam and sharia: You may convert from Christianity to Islam (and we will help you do this and indeed provide negative incentives for remaining Christian, such as second-class citizenship