It is difficult to argue with the point of this WSJ piece. “Copts have learned to prefer even a persecuting dictator to an Islamist mob.”

Westerners may debate how moderate Egypt’s Islamists are, but for Copts the questioning is futile. Their options are limited. While Copts are the largest Christian community in the Middle East, they’re too small to play a role in deciding the fate of the country. They are not geographically concentrated in one area that could become a safe zone. The only option is to leave, putting an end to 2,000 years of Christianity in Egypt.

Christians–once again–began fleeing the Middle East or at least their homes there to any place safer–after the U.S. brought down Saddam Hussein in Iraq, a dictator who on his own terms kept them somewhat safe. No more. Iraqi Christians fled to Syria…and where to now? The US? A new Iraqi Christian church just opened a couple of miles from my house in Chicago. I won’t be the last parish “plant” from the Middle East.

Strange, now that I think of it, last night I heard a Russian Monastery choir sing the spiritual (in English) Go, Down Moses, …. Let My People Go! I thought at time about the irony of these sons of the Soviet Regime singing about the oppression of a people and the desire for freedom, now that the Soviets have faded. Tell old pharaoah, let me people go! Well, in Egypt, history keeps repeating itself, as it does around the world when it comes to the desire for political and religious freedom.