Forum 18 reports on religious liberty issues around the world. This story relates the discrimination against Muslims in Moscow who wish to increase the number of mosques in that city of 15 million from 4 to 10.

IMG 0137 e1348679028830 300x228 Moscow, Mosques & DiscriminationThere are some interesting claims made about the number of Muslims observing the end of Ramadan compared to the number of Muscovites attending Easter services–roughly equivalent. Is that possible? I have no idea. The few Moscow churches I visited last summer were well maintained (immaculate), well-attended, including many young people. I’ve been told the older generation doesn’t bother much, it seems, having been raised on atheism and communism, and have not reached for anything beyond this world. I don’t know how Muscovite Muslims fare in this regard, but Muslims raised under an atheist regimes such as Albania seem to maintain a secularist lifestyle and are Muslims by family background only, not by faith. The “world” is really a powerful force, and generally at enmity with the Christian faith, as our Lord taught and the apostles reaffirmed. The bottom line is that the Gospel is needed in Moscow for everyone.