Should Christians Adopt Embryos?
Russell D. Moore

Evangelical Christians, it seems, are adopting embryos at an increasing rate, and the secular media are noticing the trend.

How Planned Parenthood Outwitted Komen for the Cure
Austin Ruse, First Things

It is a story of relentlessly unforced errors, also of profound naiveté bordering on at least misdemeanor incompetence. It is also the story of a masterful, even breathtaking, political takedown.

Politics, Expectations and Christian Action
Rob Schwarzwalder, Religion Today

Sometimes, Christian leaders have encouraged the belief that if only we elect enough of the appropriate type of people, America will be re-born and become a place where, like Camelot, “winter happens only by decree.”

Coptic Christians wary of future under Muslim Brotherhood leadership
Arab American News

Many of Egypt’s Coptic Christians met the recent assumption of the presidency by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi with trepidation, even panic – some even made plans to leave the country.