I guess if you can show that other people got away with it, but you didn’t, you can go scot-free. Maybe NFL players can do that, too–if a player got away with holding but you didn’t, the penalty flag goes back in the pocket.  From the Chicago Tribune:

The mass arrests of Occupy Chicago demonstrators that city leaders held up as a model for how to respect protesters’ rights has been ruled unconstitutional and tossed out of court by a Cook County judge.

In a 37-page ruling issued today, Associate Judge Thomas Donnelly ruled the October 2011 arrests were unconstitutional because the city routinely chooses not to enforce the curfew for events the city supports, such as the 2008 Election Night rally for President Barack Obama. The judge noted that no arrests were made at that event, even though it went well past curfew.

With the ruling, the arrests of 92 Occupy protesters on charges related to violating the curfew were thrown out.