John Kass, one of the few journalists in Chicago who write without the blinders on, has penned another fine column, not about local politics, but something bigger: Sacrilege and Art. It’s well worth reading. He begins, after escaping from City Hall to the Chicago Art Museum:

And there, I’d sit in front of a special painting:

“The Assumption of the Virgin” by Domenikos Theotokopoulos, the artist called El Greco.

Have you seen it? I could sit there for hours, recovering from all those ambitious liars.

In the clean light in front of that painting, I was a refugee, often overwhelmed by the size of it. Sometimes I’d study only pieces of it, bits, wondering how El Greco made the hands and the feet, and how he found that rooted, stony power of their bones. You could see strength under their skin, in the toes, ankles, knuckles, wrists. And those sweeping vivid colors, the Virgin Mary rising heavenward.

John, I’m with you!