The Congressman’s comments sure touched a major nerve.  I think Hilary White writing from Rome on Lifesite has observations worth a serious read. It ends (but do read the whole thing):

We are expected to jump like rabbits every time someone shrieks about pregnancy due to rape. But they only do this because they know it works. I can understand it, who likes to be shouted at and called nasty names? But it is imperative that we learn that this is nothing more than a political slogan, a rather dirty trick.

As our friend the pro-life apologetics trainer Scott Klusendorf likes to say, “So OK, if I change my position to support legalised abortion in the 0.0001 per cent of cases of pregnancy due to rape and incest, will you then drop your insistence on restriction-free abortion on demand?

“Yah, didn’t think so.”

I also appreciate her point that while stresses definitely affects fertility, the critics won’t be satisfied without a scientific accounting of pregnancy rates connected with rape–at the same time these science-minded critics refuse to acknowledge or seriously engage any studies that show the harm done to women–physically and psychologically–by abortion. Those studies just don’t match their political views.