The Coming Pro-Abortion Spectacle in Charlotte
Robert George, First Things

It looks like the Democratic Party’s leadership has decided to make the Party’s fierce commitment to protecting abortion against meaningful legal restrictions of any kind and extending its availability a, if not the, central theme of its national convention.

Judaism and Christianity: Embracing the “Other”?
Peter Berger, The American Interest

There cannot be two other religious traditions whose historical relations have been as awful as those between Judaism and Christianity.

Akin absurdity aside, rape never justifies abortion
Andrew P. Napolitano, Washington Times

What has gone unmentioned, however, in the cacophony of condemnation by Republicans and Democrats, is the implication in Mr. Akin’s comments that rape is not a moral justification for abortion. In that, he is correct: It is not.

The great both/and of Catholic social teaching
Fr. Robert Barron, Catholic News Agency

For many on the left, Paul Ryan is a menace, the very embodiment of cold, indifferent Republicanism, and for many on the right, he is a knight in shining armor, a God-fearing advocate of a principled conservatism.