The FRC Shooting and the Vocation of a Hero
Joe Carter, Acton PowerBlog

From the latest reports I’ve heard, Leo is in the hospital and in stable condition. While he has been grievously harmed, had he not acted swiftly and courageously, some of my friends at FRC might have lost their lives.

Irony of Ironies: Vatican II Triumphs Over Moribund Modernity
Samuel Gregg, Crisis

Few expressions are better guaranteed to spark passionate debates among Catholics today than two words: “Vatican II.” Though most Catholics today were born after the Council closed in 1965, the fiftieth anniversary of the Council’s 1962 opening on 11 October this year will surely reignite the usual controversies about its significance.

Religion: Moving Beyond Emile Durkheim
Russell Nieli, Public Discourse

For Emile Durkheim, God and religion were nothing more than the idols of the tribe and the tribe’s own self-worship; why do so many Western intellectuals take this as the last word on the subject?

Can you be a Catholic and have a questioning mind?
Peter Berger, The American Interest

Many of the Catholic dissidents in these stories mention conscience as an authority. There is indeed a Christian tradition which puts conscience (though as guided by God’s Word) over the authority of the Church. This tradition is known as Protestantism.