AbsoluteSurrender 300x300 Eric Liddell: Life after the OlympicsMy friend Eric Eichinger, a pastor in the LCMS and a former Division I track runner at my alma mater Michigan State, was inspired as a child by the story of Eric Liddell, the subject of the acclaimed film Chariots of Fire. After the 1924 Olympics Liddell “returned to China on the eve of World War II to join his family and continue his missionary work at tremendous personal sacrifice.”

Liddell’s life story inspired Eichinger, who spent some time of his own in China, and said,

While in China, I visited the hospital where Eric died serving the people he loved. It had a profound effect on me. I began researching his life and ultimately, wrote a screenplay entitled Absolute Surrender that reflects his journey after the Olympics.

Check out the feature below about the project to tell the story of Liddell’s life after the Olympics, including Eichinger’s recent trip to London, and keep up with the film project (on Twitter and Facebook):