Today, August 29, is the Beheading of John the Baptist, a commemoration listed in our St. James Calendar of the Christian Year as universally observed in Western and Eastern calendars, including some Anglican and Lutheran ones. It is a pity that not much thought is given to John these days, especially his bold witness for moral integrity. Known as the Forerunner of Christ in the East, his call to repentance reminds us that the prerequisite posture of man toward God is acknowledgment of our falling short, even daily, and thus humility before both God and the truth of his Word. Nowadays, John would be accused of hate speech. Herodias certainly hated John’s speech, and St. Jerome apparently wrote that afterwards, she stabbed his tongue repeatedly, obsessed with revenge for his denunciation of her unlawful marriage to Herod. John paid the ultimate price for his fidelity and is rightly honored.