While recently attending the Lutherans For Life conference here in a suburb of Illinois, I was introduced to an organization dedicated to supporting marriages.

Pastor Gaylen Burow, a facilitator and trainer with Prepare/Enrich, stopped by the FSJ display table. I was intrigued by what he had to say about Prepare/Enrich, especially about the good success rate for helping couples stay married  in Kansas City, Kansas.

According to the Prepare/Enrich brochure:

“You begin by taking an online assessment to identify your current strengths and growth areas as a couple. You then meet with a trained facilitator who provides feedback to help you understand your results as well as teach you important relationship skills.”

If you are planning to be married or have been married for years and would like more tools for better communication, to understand each other better, and to learn how to resolve conflicts,  or you would like to be a facilitator, please visit this website.

Nearly 3 million couples have already taken Prepare/Enrich and improved their chances for a successful relationship.