Last week, on these pages, I wrote about a governmental report funded by the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) that cautioned about potential terrorism that could be committed by Christians and conservatives.  In that blog, I mentioned that the government report made one mention of Islamic terrorism, and omitted important instances of Islamic-motivated acts of terrorism on American soil.  Now, another report published several weeks ago by the Center for Strategic Communication at Arizona State University, and funded by a grant from the Department of Defense’s Office of Naval Research, shows that we continue to live under an Obama Regime Bizarro World of Islamic terrorism double-speak.

The study, titled “How Islamist Extremists Quote the Qur’an,” concludes that Moslem terrorists are misunderstood, and that they do not really want to force Islam on the world (all statements about the new world-wide Caliphate to the contrary).  Further, according to the new study, Islamic terrorists only kill people to protect themselves from victimization by the enemies of Islam, which include the United States, the Great Satan, and Israel, the Little Satan.

The study states, “We conclude that verses extremists cite from the Qur’an do not suggest an aggressive offensive foe seeking domination and conquest of unbelievers, as is commonly assumed.  Instead they deal with themes of victimization, dishonor, and retribution. . . . Based on this analysis we recommend that the West abandon claims that Islamist extremists seek world domination.”  The study cites with approval the writings of Robert Papes, who wrote in his book Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism, “The idea that Islamic fundamentalism is on the verge of world domination and poses a realistic threat to impose Islamic law in the United States and Europe is pure fantasy.”  His statement is truly the pure fantasy because since Mr. Papes published in his book in 2005, there have been fifty-three cases in 28 states have been decided by Sharia law in our nation’s appellate courts.  So, one could easily conclude that Sharia law, with the left-wing non-Moslem allies of Islamists, is already here in the United States, and its encroachment in American jurisprudence is merely at its initial stages.

The study concludes with four recommendations:  (1) western nations should abandon claims that Islamist extremists seek world domination, (2) western nations should focus on counteracting or addressing claims of Islamic victimage, (3) western nations should emphasize alternative means of deliverance for Islamic victims, and (4) western nations should work to undermine the “champion” image sought by Islamic extremists.  I would imagine that the last one is relatively straightforward to accomplish as an overwhelming majority of victims murdered by Islamic terrorists are other Moslems, and not westerners.

Of course, it is often helpful to have other points of view.  But this report seems to affirm again the usual tropes about Islam: it is a religion of peace, and that Islam and democracy are compatible.  Americans, being who we are, believe in giving others the benefit of the doubt, and we tend to impute benign values on others, even those who want to cut our throats and behead us.  After all, don’t we often say that we will trust someone until they prove untrustworthy?  Even I believe that most Moslems do not buy into the Islamist philosophy of hatred, but I observe that many Islamic young men do, both in Moslem countries and in the West. 

In many Moslem nations, it is regularly taught in the mosques and madrassas, and in the media of those nations, that good Moslems should not have friendships with Christians, or they should not attend Christian weddings or funerals, that Christians are dirty, and that Christians want to kidnap Islamic children.  It is further commonly taught that Christians are amassing weapons in their churches and monasteries, and seek to take over the government of Islamic nations, that Christians are infidels and worthy of death, that Christians should be subject to Islam and be servants to Moslems, and that Christian churches in Islamic lands should be destroyed.  And just imagine what is taught about Jews in those nations.  And so, ASU’s taxpayer-funded report about the benign nature of misguided and victimized Islamic terrorists seems quite silly to me.  If you don’t believe me, just ask any Egyptian or Syrian Christian.