Same-Sex Marriage and the Revolt Against Metropolitan Jonah
Fr. Johannes Jacobse, American Orthodox Institute Blog

There is a movement within the Orthodox Church in America to mainstream homosexuality. There are priests, bishops, and academics that are sympathetic to this movement. Some are providing quiet assistance.

Pope Benedict’s “To-Do” List to Keep Catholics in Church
Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

So what makes Catholics, who once enjoyed the fullness of grace available to them in the Church founded by Christ, decide to slip out the door?

Jim Wallis, Health Care, and the Constitution
Rob Schwarzwalder, FRC Blog

So, Leftist Evangelical Jim Wallis believes that the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Obama health plan “is an important victory for millions of uninsured people in our country and ultimately a triumph of the common good.” He offers the Democratic Party line that the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA), while imperfect, “is an important step in expanding health care coverage and reducing long-term costs.”

Turns out 70% of PCUSA General Assembly Commissioners Aren’t Actually Presbyterian
Bart Gingerich, Juicy Ecumenism

Here I offer what I hope will be the last depressing analytical post from the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.’s 220th General Assembly. On Friday, one of the core problems plaguing the PCUSA reared its ugly head.