Apparently the changes in policies in the military we’ve seen over the last decades have now moved on to Army Ranger School, with the question of whether women should be admitted to this elite training and regiment. Having read the exploits of various Army Ranger units, I dare say, “Why?” To prove a woman can kill as good as a man? Is it important that we make such a statement? This article in the WSJ argues against a new policy that would allow women to enter Ranger School, and frames it around the question of “me” versus what the military is as a service. This Touchstone article from the archives, Mothers in the Line of Fire, addresses not just Ranger School but women in combat from the perspective of motherhood. But that brings it around to the matter of the sexual differences and natures, which our society seems bent on denying: motherhood in a culture of Roe v. Wade and promiscuity is secondary, an afterthought, and if a woman can boast about killing a child in her womb (cf. the T-Shirts about Abortion), then why wouldn’t such a woman want to have the opportunity to be the best Ranger she can be, if that’s her choice? We must not take away a woman’s right to choose Ranger School.