Same-Sex Marriage Issue Moves Closer to Justices
New York Times, Ethan Broner

The likelihood that the Supreme Court will weigh in on same-sex marriage in the coming year grew markedly on Tuesday when a federal appeals court rejected a request to review its own recent ruling throwing out a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage in California.

Priests for the New Evangelization
Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Fr. Roch Kereszty

Pope John Paul II’s personality illustrates most clearly what the ideal priest of the new millennium ought to be. His close friend and successor, Pope Benedict XVI, complements this ideal.

DNA Blueprint for Fetus Built Using Tests of Parents
New York Times, Andrew Pollack

For the first time, researchers have determined virtually the entire genome of a fetus using only a blood sample from the pregnant woman and a saliva specimen from the father.

Faith scholars who backed Obama before see weakening Democratic interest in religious voters
Associated Press

In 2008, Barack Obama took aim at the “pew gap,” the overwhelming Republican edge among voters who regularly attend church. The Democratic presidential nominee came nowhere near closing it, but he didn’t have to. He just needed an extra percentage point or two among traditional GOP constituents, and he got it.