Sweden, a country that shrugged its shoulders at the recent unpleasantness between Adolph Hitler and the rest of the world, is taking political and military neutrality into a whole new dimension, that of sexuality neutrality, or gender neutrality.┬áSince the word “sex” has been all but replace by “gender” these days, it’s a lot easier to get away with gender equality fascism. It’s harder to get someone today to say you should not distinguish in any way between the sexes, because the male sex and the female sex are interchangeable, that the differences are in the sexes are really socially constructed. (Socially-constructed testosterone, anyone?) But So, children should be raised as sexual neuter? We used to speak of neuter animals, which meant, um. This is not what the Swedish state has in mind for children, of course. Of course, the downstream effect of all of this will be in 100 years a Sweden that you won’t recognize as the Swedes shrink in numbers and the blondes will be a minority in Sweden. But isn’t that what you do to animals to shrink their population size–neuter them?