You can become a Facebook Friend and Organ Donor now. From the Daily Beast:

… [T]he Facebook generation, in addition to giving us captology*, has given us, well, Facebook. Why are none of them worried about what it means to put so much personal information out on public display, open game for any nut to consider and digest? Perhaps because they grew up after Gorbachev tore down that wall, or perhaps because they were adequately parented or perhaps because they really are having a nice day, they don’t seem to feel as if their life were a dangerous minefield, a place where only smarts, well-honed intuition, and a little bit of luck from above can promise safe passage.

*Oh, what is captology? From the article:

Captology is a neologism coined by BJ Fogg, director of the very Soviet-sounding Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab. (The term “captology” is acronymically derived from their watchword: Computers As Persuasive Technology). He and those like him think the time is ripe for your computer to do some arm-twisting and make us better citizens. Please, HAL, it’s not personal.

Very funny, okay, but there is also the concern we’ve published about in SALVO: When do the “organ farmers” think you are you really dead? Does it matter?

It sure did matter to Stephen Thorpe‘s father, who insisted that his 17-year-old son, whom four doctor’s declared brain dead, not be cut up for organ donations. Here’s a picture on once-brain-dead-and-donation-ready Stephen, who is currently studying accounting in college.

The case is similar to dozens of others LifeSiteNews has reported in recent years, in which comatose or otherwise unconscious patients are declared to be “brain dead,” or hopelessly incurable. In many cases, aggressive doctors seek the organs of the patient for harvesting.

We’ve reach a place in our Dr. Frankenstein’s society in which we carve up “fetuses”, experiment on embryos, are not likely to step in and prevent the creation of chimeras for “research” purposes, buy body parts internationally on the black market and look the other way on the operating table as to their source (poor people in India, prisoners, et al). And they say Christians, who believe these things to be off the mark and leading us away from respect for human dignity, are weird?