Is the Internet the enemy of faith?
Washington Post, R. Albert Mohler Jr.

The Mets might not be selling out Citi Field, but the Orthodox Jews did. Just a few days ago, more than 40,000 Orthodox Jewish men and boys filled the stadium for a gathering intended to consider the dangers of the Internet – dangers to their souls.

Bill would outlaw abortion for sex selection
Washington Times, Cheryl Wetzstein

Congress is set to wade into one of the most sensitive topics in the abortion debate, with a House vote Wednesday on a bill that would ban abortions that are performed solely because of an unborn child’s sex

Thomas More Was Not “Unnaturally Fond of Torturing Heretics”
Mirror of Justice, Michael Moreland

This past Sunday’s NY Times Book Review includes a review of Bring Up the Bodies, the much-anticipated sequel to Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall about Henry VIII and his court. The hero, of sorts, in Mantel’s novels about the period is Thomas Cromwell, whom Mantel sets off against Thomas More (depicted in Wolf Hall as an eager torturer of Protestants). The reviewer, Charles McGrath (former editor of the Book Review), writes: “In Mantel’s version, More is no saint, as he almost certainly was not in real life: he’s fussily pious, stiff-­necked and unnaturally fond of torturing heretics.”

Pope Benedict lectures the professors
San Angelo Standard-Times, Terry Mattingly

In his latest address to American bishops visiting Rome, Pope Benedict XVI stressed that Catholic educators should remain true to the faith — a reminder issued just in time for another tense season of commencement addresses.