What is the Bible For?
First Things, Peter J. Leithart

The Bible rarely lives up to our ordinary standards of practicality. Page after page is given over to genealogical lists of obscure people whose only role is to be a human bridge between famous ancestors and notorious descendants.

Catholic university drops student insurance
Associated Press

A Roman Catholic university in eastern Ohio says it will drop student health insurance partly because of a new federal health care rule requiring religious-affiliated institutions’ insurance plans to provide contraception coverage.

Black Christians in an ‘Adulterous’ Relationship With Obama, Says Evangelical Pastor
Christian Post, Paul Stanley

An influential African-American evangelical pastor says that many black Christians are in an “adulterous” relationship with President Obama over the issue of same-sex marriage and that if the issue is not addressed soon, it will negatively impact the president’s desire for a second term in November.

That the Name of God Should Be Forgotten
Acton Institute PowerBlog, John Couretas

On Tuesday, there will be 80 years since the Soviet government issued a decree on “atheistic five-year plan.”