North Carolina to vote on gay marriage
Washington Times, Cheryl Wetzstein

Recent polls indicate that the constitutional marriage amendment is likely to pass, albeit by smaller-than-expected margins.

Sex and the Seamless Garment
First Things, William Doino Jr.

In his now-famous address at Fordham University, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, the late archbishop of Chicago argued that “the pro-life position of the Church must be developed in terms of a comprehensive and consistent ethic of life.” Consequently, the Church should not just focus on fighting abortion, but also the nuclear arms race, capital punishment and poverty; and promote health care, immigration reform, and benefits for the unemployed.

John Stott, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien: Why American Evangelicals Love the British
Religion & Politics, Molly Worthen

In a community infamous for squabbles and schisms, polarized by politics and endless theological feuds, here was an unusual moment of unanimity: everyone from fundamentalists to left-wing peace activists adored this self-effacing Anglican preacher.

China’s War on Baby Girls
National Review, Jing Zhang

The blind Chinese human-rights activist Chen Guangcheng, who escaped from house arrest on April 22 and may be under the protection of the U.S. Embassy, was initially detained for exposing the massive abuse of Chinese women under China’s one-child policy.