The God Who is Worldly
First Things, Peter J. Leithart

From the first page of the Bible, God is revealed as Creator. Painful as it may be for us to admit, God doesn’t need us or the world. The world is the result of a completely free act. Yet, the story he tells about himself opens as the story of himself with the world. When the curtain opens, we don’t catch God in a monologue. His shows himself first as the God who speaks all things into being.

How Classical Education Shapes Us as God Intended

The Gospel Coalition, Bradley D. Green

A funny thing happened as the 20th century came to a close. A number of Christians began to form what were being called “classical and Christian” schools. Believers who would have been (or were) involved in their local traditional Christian school or public school were suddenly making the case for Latin, reading the great books of the Western intellectual tradition, and talking about the traditional liberal arts—the trivium and the quadrivium.

Methodists Reject anti-Israel Boycott by Crushing Margin
The American Interest, Walter Russell Mead

The insidious Israel Lobby has struck again. It somehow managed to infiltrate the United Methodist Church and convince the Methodists, by an overwhelming 2-to-1 margin, to vote against ending investments in companies involved in Israel’s enforcement of its control of the occupied territories. According to the New York Times, the Methodists’ decision follows similar repudiations by the Lutherans and Episcopalians.

National Day of Prayer – Is it worth the fuss?
Houston Chronicle, Kristan Doerfler

President Obama is inviting citizens to pray. The official mandate from the White House does not endorse the National Day of Prayer Task Force’s events primarily led by Evangelical Christian leaders. President Obama does not mention the Task Force’s official 2012 theme of Psalm 33:12 (“Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord”). In his statement, President Obama is acknowledging that people of different faiths pray in different ways.