The Dark Light of Thomas Kinkade
Cultivare, Daniel A. Siedell

[B]ecause it denies the very foundation of our relationship to God in Christ, Kinkade’s work is more nihilistic than anything Picasso and Pollock could paint, or Nietzsche and Sartre could write.

British Board revokes UK Counselor’s accreditation for reparative therapy
ADF Alliance

The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) has this week informed a Christian counsellor that, following her appeal, she will still lose her senior accredited status, after she was tricked into provided counselling to a fake client who was secretly an undercover journalist.

A Navy SEAL’s wise advice to graduates
CNN, William J. Bennett

Each spring, I monitor the list of commencement speakers at our nation’s leading colleges and universities. Who is chosen, and who is not, tells us a lot about academia’s perception of the most important voices in America.

Russian Orthodoxy’s Unreconciled Dualism
First Things, Nicholas Myers

lthough history textbooks highlight how patriarch and emperor were integral offices to the Byzantine Empire, the West has always had a far more tangible division between pope and prince. In Russia in particular, church and state have been in elaborate entanglement for centuries, the result of which has paradoxically been widespread abandonment of the practice of the faith.